The three-day Introductory Workshop in ISTDP was a game changer. This approach is profound, and perhaps the nearest thing to a road map out of suffering that I have come across. As teacher of the workshop, Julie was compassionately attuned to the needs of participants, and meticulous in communicating the philosophy and real-world practice of ISTDP. It was an experience of true immersion, under the guidance of a master therapist. I am grateful, and strongly recommend this workshop for any aspiring mental health professional who seeks to be an agent of positive change in the lives of his or her patients.”

       -Timothy Deitz

Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar Former Student, The University Of Melbourne, Master Of Psychology (clinical)

“As a trainer, Julie is able to accommodate each individual’s unique background, skills, learning needs, personality, defenses etc along with the unique group dynamics these operate within. That she takes these dynamic factors into account when teaching the group, makes the training a really unique experience. The learning becomes an internal experience of growth rather than merely an intellectual experience.   The materials that are presented are really easy to understand and absorb despite being centred around some really complex ideas and techniques.”

        – Mirna Falan, Clinical Psychologist

“My time with Julie has been fantastic.   As a mentor and supervisor she is caring and supportive.   On the technical side of supervision Julie is precise and always able to pinpoint the client, as well as give exact interventions for each difficulty presented.   I have grown tremendously as a result of my time with her and in the ISTDP core training and highly recommend her”

– Albert Foong, Clinical Psychologist