Dynamic Psychotherapy

Dynamic Psychotherapy is a Melbourne Psychology Practice with an ISTDP focus

Bronte Eadie

Bronte Eadie


Bronte is a registered psychologist at Dynamic Psychotherapy. She works with adults, adolescents and children who struggle with a range of emotional and psychological difficulties. She is collaborative in her approach, striving for a reciprocal relationship of understanding, compassion and trust with her clients. Bronte facilitates a space that encourages openness, safety and support for all, including those who are ethnically, culturally, sexually and gender diverse.

Drawing from several evidence-based modalities and techniques, Bronte adjusts treatment ensuring she meets your individual needs, desires and goals.

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About Dynamic Psychotherapy

Dynamic Psychotherapy is dedicated to helping people in Melbourne achieve meaningful change.

Helping people achieve meaningful change

Practice Director Julie Cochrane as been practicing ISTDP since 1995, She founded Dynamic Psychotherapy in Carlton, Victoria, with the aim of bringing the benefits of ISTDP to as many people as possible.

25 Therapists, 2 Buildings, 1 Mission

Since then, Dynamic Pyschotherapy has grown significantly, and now operates across two buildings in Carlton, just outside of the Melbourne CBD. The team and footprint may have grown, but the mission remains the same – helping people achieve transformational change through therapy.

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