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  • Recovery from Sport Injury is Non-Linear: Conscious and Unconscious Dynamics
    Pop. A sickening noise echoes across the football field as I fall to the ground. Moments before, the full force of an opponent’s knee rattled into the side of my own, my right foot caught in the grass underneath. I’m tackled to the ground with aggressive momentum and body weight, and the football spills from[…]
  • Trauma Therapy: Mapping the Cycle
    To be human is to contend with inevitable experiences of adversity, in which we continue to demonstrate tremendous resilience to ensure our own survival. Regardless of the scale of these adversities, traumatic experiences leave traces across individual, interpersonal, societal, and historical levels. When an adversity becomes traumatic is when the integration of an emotionally distressing[…]
  • Navigating Your First Therapy Session: A Beginner’s Guide
    Entering therapy can be a significant step toward personal growth and healing, yet it’s normal to feel a mix of excitement and apprehension about your first session. Understanding what to expect can ease anxieties and help you prepare for this important journey. What is Therapy? Therapy, or psychotherapy, is a collaborative process where a trained[…]
  • Understanding Health Anxiety: Navigating the Crossroads of Concern and Compulsion
    Have you ever had a headache? The answer is likely a yes, with research demonstrating that 95% of the general population have experienced a headache at some stage in their life, and around 50% of adults over the past year (Stovner et al., 2007). A headache often feels like a painful sensation in any part[…]
  • Materialism: Having and Giving, instead of Being and Loving
    In this guest post by Carol Goudie working with Julie Cochrane, they reflect on the importance of keeping materialism in check, and focussing on build meaningful relationships instead. In our materialistic world, it is easy to confuse having and giving with being and loving. Our society bombards us with messages linking possessions to happiness. It’s[…]
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