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Dynamic Psychotherapy is a Melbourne Psychology Practice with an ISTDP focus

ADHD and ASD Assessments

At Dynamic Psychotherapy Melbourne, we have trained and experienced psychologists who can conduct ADHD and ASD assessments.

Our dedicated team can conduct clinical and psychometric assessments such as IQ/cognitive, personality and other diagnostic psychological assessments of children, adolescents and adults, as listed below:

ADHD and ASD Assessment Details

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment2 hours testing
3 hours for school and parent questionnaires
5 hours report writing
Children 4-17 years& Adults
Suspected ASD• Clinical Interview
• Collateral Structured Interview
• ADOS Testing as necessary
• Report
IQ Assessment1.5 hours testing
1.5 hour report
Children 4 – 17 years& Adults
Suspected Intellectual Impairment
Baseline IQ
• Clinical Interview
• Measure of Intelligence
• Measure of Adaptive Functioning
• Report
+ the initial $260/$214.41 consult. Total cost: $1174.41-$1210
ADHD Assessment OptionsComprehensive
4 hours onsite & online testing
4 hours report writing
Children 6 – 17 years& Adults

Suspected ADHD• Clinical Interview
• Measures of Attention and Executive
• Dysfunction
Measures of other cognitive/IQ ability
• Report
+ the initial $260/$214.41 consult. Total cost: $2054.41-$2090
Learning Disorders Assessment3 hours testing
3 hours report
Children 6 – 17 years& AdultsSuspected learning issues
Mental Capacity testing
Baseline Intellectual functions
•Clinical Interview
•Measure of intelligence
•Measure of Adaptive skills
+ the initial $250/$214.41 consult. Total cost: $1594.41-$1630
Emotional & Behavioural Disorders in children
Adolescent/Adult Personality &Mental Health Assessment
3 hours testing
3 hours report
Children 6 – 17 years& AdultsScreening for:
Diagnostic testing 
Personality Profile
• Clinical Interview
• Personality testing & Questionnaires
• Report
+ the initial $250/$214.41 consult. Total cost: $1174.41-$1210

Our Psychologists Who Conduct Assessments

Here at Dynamic Psychotherapy, we have a professional, caring team of Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapists ready to help you. Click on any of the psychologists below to learn more about our psychologists who conduct ADHD and ASD assessments in Melbourne.

Moulya Ramesh Kumar

Clinical Psychologist

Adults, Young Adults, and Adolescents

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