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Counselling Psychologists in Carlton, Melbourne

Counselling Psychologists

Counselling psychologists in Drummond Street, Carlton, Melbourne

If you’re looking for a counselling psychologist near Drummond Street, Carlton, in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Dynamic Psychotherapy’s offices are easy to get to if you live or work in the inner suburbs. If you want to see a counselling psychologist to improve your wellbeing, Dynamic Psychotherapy is here to help.

If Carlton isn’t easy for you to get to, Dynamic Psychotherapy offers telehealth appointments. You can still see a qualified, experienced and compassionate therapist—but online.

Not sure if you need a psychologist or a counsellor? Or a psychologist or a psychotherapist? Don’t know the difference between counselling, psychology and psychotherapy?

Read on.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a way to help people with their mental health, education and career goals. It’s a ‘talk therapy’, available for individuals, couples and families. 

In counselling, you talk with your therapist about issues you’re struggling with. And they listen in confidenfial and in a non-judgemental way. Together, you identify healthy ways of coping with your short-term problems.

There are many life situations and problems where counselling can help. If you are struggling with stress, or feeling overwhelmed, or losing confidence, counselling can help you find ways to cope and feel better. It can help, for example, with challenges and obstacles you might be having:

  • in a relationship
  • living with a disability or health condition
  • at school
  • with ageing
  • being someone’s carer
  • career choices
  • direction of life

If you are looking for a counsellor near you, ask about their formal training and if they use treatments that are backed up by evidence.

There’s something else to know, if you are looking for a counselling psychologist near you. All counsellors should be aware of current best practices and keep their skills up-to-date. Dynamic Psychotherapy in Carlton expects its counsellors to undertake professional development throughout their career.

What’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling psychologists and psychotherapists both provide talk therapy and support. They are both trained to deal with problems people have with how they feel and behave. They are also both able to support individuals, couples and families.

Importantly, anyone can see a counsellor or a psychotherapist – you do not need a referral from a doctor.

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy is that counselling is typically a short-term process. You work on what’s bothering you now. And you use your awake mind to do it.

Psychotherapy tends to be a longer-term treatment. In psychotherapy, you often look at your attachment styles, early attachment relationships, and your current relational patterns.   Moreover, you try to understand and re-work these patterns of relating to yourself and to others.  

Counsellors have completed a course such as a Diploma of Counselling and/or a Bachelor of Counselling. They may have gone on to get a postgraduate qualification, such as a Graduate Diploma in Counselling or a Master of Mental Health. But that’s optional. They will be registered with the Australian Counselling Association or the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

What about psychologists?

Unlike counsellors and psychotherapists, psychologists must have completed a minimum of five to six years of university study and supervised experience. Following this, they apply for registration.

Psychologists are regulated and must be registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Additionally, they must be listed with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Agency.

Counselling psychologist vs clinical psychologist

There’s a further distinction between psychologists. That is, between counselling psychologists and clinical psychologists.

A clinical psychologist will have studied a Master’s or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Following six to seven years of university, a two year clinical registrar program is completed to obtain the specialist designation “clinical”. A counselling psychologist, on the other hand, will have studied a counselling degree after their initial four years of psychology studies, and then completed a two-year program of supervision to obtain the designation of “counselling”.

Psychologists who do not go on to complete further training and supervision, after their initial six or seven years of university study, are General Psychologists.

Types of Counselling

Relationship counselling

If you’re having issues with your relationships at home, with friends or at work, counselling can help. A counselling psychologist will help you develop social skills and assertiveness so you can learn to build healthy, meaningful relationships.

If you are looking for relationship counselling near you, then click here to view our relationship counsellors.

Couples counselling

If you and your partner are having a tough time, couples counselling can help you work on your relationship together.

You might be looking for couples counselling because there’s a traumatic issue in your relationship, such as infidelity. You may experience constant conflict and/or incompatibility. 

Counselling can improve your relationship by teaching you and your partner how to manage conflict and communication skills. It can help you reflect on differences in relational styles. 

Counselling can help you navigate differences you might have around parenting styles, sex, in-laws, managing money or division of responsibilities..

If you are looking for couples counselling near you, then click here to view our couples counsellors.

Marriage counselling

Like couples counselling, marriage counselling can help partners increase understanding, respect, affection and intimacy. If you want to be happier in your marriage, a counselling psychologist may be able to help you.

If you are looking for marriage counselling near you, then click here to view our couples counsellors.

Student counselling

If you are having problems studying or struggling to attend school or university, student counselling can help. A student counselling psychologist will talk things through with you.

As a result, you can make decisions about study and school or university that better suit you. You can deal with issues such as procrastination, exam anxiety, and stress.

The kinds of things student counselling can help with include:

  • dealing with emotional issues that are adversely impacting on your capacity to study
  • planning your schedule
  • coaching on study habits
  • dealing with problems in class
  • planning for transition from school to university
  • getting extra help if you need it.

If you are looking for student counselling near you, click here.

Low-cost counselling

Dynamic Psychotherapy makes therapy available for people who cannot afford the help they need.

The Dynamic Psychotherapy team includes provisional psychologists and provisional counsellors in their final stages of training and working towards full registration. These provisional therapists offer a reduced fee for therapy. They are overseen by experienced clinical psychologists at Dynamic Psychotherapy, who are approved by the Board of Psychology to supervise.

Click here to find out about low-cost counselling near you.


The term ‘counselling’ covers a variety of interventions. These range from psychotherapy to a style that’s more a form of advice giving—such as financial counselling or careers counselling.  

At Dynamic Psychotherapy in Carlton our team includes clinical psychologists, psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors. Our counsellors do offer psychotherapy, but their qualifications don’t allow them to call themselves ‘psychologists’.

We have four therapists who provide counselling in a number of different areas.

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Gabriel Cochrane, low-cost counsellor

Gabriel Cochrane

Low-Cost Counsellor

Psychologist Melinda Banditt

Melinda Banditt


Counsellor David Temme

David Temme

Social Worker & Psychotherapist

Psychologist Claudio Donisi

Claudio Donisi

Senior Psychologist

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